Friday Feature: Eddy’s Lighting

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another Friday feature! This week’s feature will cover the Eddy’s Lighting mod. This is a pretty simple mod that adds various customizable lighting options to the game. Some of the lights from this mod can even be used to give a greenhouse effect, so you no longer have to worry about building a whole greenhouse.

The lights can only be crafted in the Eddy’s Lighting Crafting Table. The engram for the crafting table can be learned at level 1.

To look at a light's options you need to walk up to the light, press and hold the “e” key, and it’ll pull up the options wheel. From this wheel you can turn on the light’s greenhouse effect (If it has one.) and adjust the light’s settings to whatever you would like. You can change the light’s color, brightness, and range.

Steam Mod Page:

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