Friday Feature: Omni Tool and Multi-Tool

Hello everyone,

Today’s Friday feature will cover the Omni Tool and Multi-Tool from the S+ mod! Both tools have unique features that can increase the QoL (Quality of Life) in Ark. Their engrams can be learned at level 1 and they each only require thatch to make. The Omni Tool primarily gives players item/inventory organization features, while the Multi-Tool allows players a more convenient way to interact with their dinos and S+ structures.

I’ll start this article explaining the Omni Tool. The Omni Tool looks like a C4 remote and has 7 different features: Basic Transfer, Advanced Transfer, Inventory Assistant, Dedicated Storage, Teleporter, Scanner, and RTS Mode.

To switch between these different features, you need to press the “r” key (Or whatever key you have your Reload bound to.) to bring up the options wheel of the remote and then use your mouse to select the desired mode.

Basic Transfer – Can be used to transfer all items between two different inventories. To select the source look at the structure/dino you would like to use as the source and right click (Right Mouse Button). To transfer to another structure or dino target them and left click (Left Mouse Button).

To target yourself press “g(Or whatever key you have your Drag bound to.) and then either right click or left click to set yourself as the source or receiver respectfully.

Advance Transfer – Uses a UI (User Interface) to allow for more complex transfers between inventories. This is super useful for setting up transfers that you use often as you can save any transfer setting setups you have as presets for quick access later (For example If you need to transfer food to Gachas, or crops to refrigerators, etc.). I highly recommend playing around with this feature as it has a lot of customization for what, where, and how much you can transfer.

Inventory Assistant – Allows characters to automatically drop resources/items from their (or the dino they’re ridings,) inventory. It uses a UI to allow for customization for the dropping process. I highly recommend playing around with this feature to find whatsettings you like most. This comes in super handy when farming materials (Can allow for auto dropping stone when farming metal, etc.).

Dedicated storage – Transfers inventory of user or structure/dino straight to dedicated storages. Left click for structure/dino inventory. Right click for personal inventory.

Teleporter – Used with the S+ teleporter features. Left click opens the teleporter UI map (All available S+ teleporters will show up on it.). Right click drops a beacon that you and other tribemates can teleport to. Pressing the “g” key drops an area teleport beacon (Auto teleports a short time after being placed.).

RTS Mode – Puts the player in the top down RTS mode. To escape this, use your middle mouse button/wheel.


The next item is the Multi-Tool. It is shaped like a gun and has 11 different modes: Structure, Model, Glass, Turret Visibility, Dino, Remote, Repair, Light, Pillar, and Vacuum. The main thing to remember about the Multi-Tool is that most its modes have sub-modes that can be toggled through using the right mouse button.

Structure Mode – Has sub-modes that allow players to pick-up and demolish their own structures using the gun.

Model Mode – Can be used to switch between the different models and structure variants of S+ structures (Making metal look like thatch, ocean platforms, glass, etc.). Using the right mouse button, you can save the settings of one structure and use the left mouse button to copy the saved setting to another structure (This really helps with building.).

Glass Mode – Can be used to change S+ glass structure’s transparencies. Has the same copy save feature as Model Mode, but with glass transparency.

Turret Mode – Can be used to open any turret’s settings UI. Has extended settings for S+ turrets. Has the same copy save feature as Model Mode, but with turret settings.

Visibility Mode – Toggles the visibility of any S+ structures that can be hidden (Ex pipes, electrical wires, fence foundations, etc.).

Dino Mode – Definitely one of its more useful modes, this mode allows players to Kill, Spay, Chibify, Toggle Mating, Toggle Ignore Whistles, Toggle Follow, Toggle Wandering, Toggle Creeping, and Toggle Turret Mode for their dinos. (Note: Chibified dinos cannot be brought back. Level and dino color have no impact on what the chibi will look like.).

Remote Mode – Has sub modes that allow players to activate and deactivate structures (Turn them on and off.), and open and close doors from afar using the Multi-Tool’s range.

Repair Mode – Uses resources in your inventory to repair objects remotely (This makes repairing much faster since you can just point and shoot repair from afar.).

Light Mode – Can be used on S+ torches and lights to open their light settings UIs. Has the same copy save feature as Model Mode, but with light settings.

Pillar – Used to open S+ dynamic Pillar settings UIs. Has the same copy save feature as Model Mode, but with dynamic pillar settings.

Vacuum/Underwater – Works on S+ vacuum compartments. Uses sub modes Open, Close, Freeze, and Stasis (Stasis toggles whether the open/close options for the vacuum compartment show on the compartment’s radial wheel.).

So next time you’re on take a look at these two really useful tools to find what features you enjoy most. Also, if you ever forget what their features are you can use the info feature in their mode wheels to bring up a UI that explains what all the currently equipped tool can do.

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