Friday Feature: S+ Nanny and S+ Hatchery

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another Friday Feature! This Friday we will be covering the S+ Nanny and S+ Hatchery, both of which are a part of (you guessed it!) the S+ mod. The Nanny and Hatchery are items that really come in handy when it comes to breeding and raising dinos. Down below I will explain how each of the items can be made and how they work.

First let’s start with the Hatchery. The Hatchery engram can be learned at level 30. To craft the Hatchery you need 20 dinosaur eggs, 50 keratin, and 500 thatch.

 (One of the faster ways to gather dino eggs for the hatchery would be to tame 1 male dodo and a few female dodos and collect the eggs they drop. Dodos are the fastest egg layer in Ark.)

Once crafted and placed, you’ll next need to power the hatchery. To do so you can use either re-fertilizer or a Tek generator. When activated the Hatchery will pick up fertilized eggs that still have above 1% incubation, incubate the eggs in its inventory, and boost the egg production of dinos that are nearby it (Similar to the oviraptor egg buff.).

Using the Hatchery is a good way to incubate eggs early(ish) game before you get to Tek tier. Once eggs have reached 1% in the Hatchery’s inventory you will need to take them out of the Hatchery and hatch them the rest of the way using torches or AC units. Also, keep in mind that if you have eggs disappearing when you drop them from your inventory there might be an activated Hatchery nearby picking them up so try checking around for one.

Here’s the re-fertilizer engram with its crafting cost in case you have never looked for it before. Re-fertilizer can be made at level 38.

Next, we have the Nanny. The Nanny can save you a lot of time by feeding and imprinting your baby dinos for you! The Nanny engram can be learned at level 40. To craft the Nanny you’ll need 250 cementing paste, 100 hide, 50 human hair, and 100 metal ingots.

(To get human hair you can use scissors to cut your own character’s hair or other people’s hair. For a fully grown head of hair, you can get 30 human hair total. If you can’t make scissors, then you can also buy them in the points shop for 25 points.)

Once placed you’ll need to power the Nanny with giant bee honey, a S+ Generator, a civilian wireless generator (From the CKF Sci-Fi mod.), or a Tek generator. When activated the nanny will distribute any of the food placed in its inventory to nearby baby dinos that are below 15% maturity (Similar to a maewing.). You can adjust the amount of food given to the babies per feed using the Nanny’s option wheel.

The nanny will also imprint all nearby baby dinos all the way to 100% imprint. The imprint % will increase at the same rate as the baby dinos’ maturity %.

(Please make sure to activate the Nanny when using it and check the food in its inventory often! There’s nothing sadder than seeing a bunch of death messages for starving baby dinos :’( .)

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