Friday Feature: Kraken's Better Dinos Items

Hello everyone and welcome to another Friday Feature!

This Friday the mod I’ll be going over, or part of the mod at least is, Kraken’s Better Dinos (KBD)! This mod improves vanilla dinos’ utility and overall improves quality of life in-game. What I’ll be covering in mod specifically for today is the new items it adds to the game.

To craft the items from the better dinos mod first you’ll need to make a Better Dinos Workbench (engram learned at level 19.). This work bench has 2 modes it can be switched between via either its radial menu or by looking at the bench and pressing “e” : Smithy and Preserving Bin. In Smithy mode you can use the bench as a normal smithy as well as craft all the non-consumable items from the KBD mod. In the Preserving Bin mode, you can use the bench as a normal preserver and craft all the consumable items from the KBD mod (Note: the preserver will need to be powered by spark powder to craft the KBD consumable items.).

Crafted Consumables

Alduin’s Breath - Can be used as a direct substitute for Wyvern Milk.

Alduin's Heart -  Can be used as a direct substitute for Primal Crystals for raising Crystal Wyverns.

Spun Blood Glob - Used as a food for Better Leeches and Better Lampreys. Can now also be used as a taming food alternative for Bloodstalkers.

Cthulhus Blood - Can be used as a substitute for Nameless Venom, can be consumed by players, will cause a straight 50 damage, but provide a buff like a mix of Lazarus Chowder and Beer.

Faux Bacon - Can be used as a substitute for Cooked Meat Jerky.

Felix Felicitas 'Luck Potion' - Crafted in the Liop Inventory, takes 10 minutes to craft, when consumed will give the Liop’s magic loot crate boosting buff.

Cooked High Protein Meat - Mmmmmm, pork chops. require Raw High Protein Meat and Charcoal to craft.

Cooked High Protein Fish Meat - Same as regular Cooked Fish Meat but with a longer spoiling time

Mana Restoration Potions - Used to restore the Mana levels of Liopleurodons and unicorns. Must be force fed and has a cool down.

Rotten Gloop - Acts as a Prime taming food between Spoiled Meat and Kibble for all Carrion Eaters that can be tamed with Spoiled Meat.

Shark Repellent - This item works exactly like Bug repellent, but for marine creatures making you invisible to all marine creatures except Squids, Mosas, and Plesi's, unless you attack them, or get right up in their grill. Engram learnable at level 50, crafting will give you 3 cans of Shark Repellent

Sugar Candy - This wonderful sweet, delicious treat is absolutely adored by herbivorous dinos. It is essentially Prime for herbivores. Has a taming efficiency 5x that of vegetables. It can be consumed by humans, but it will make you thirsty and give you a heck of a sugar rush. Since Sugar Candy is essentially a Vegetable, it can only be used to tame those creatures who accept Vegetables as a taming food.

Resources and Consumables Obtained from Better Dinos

These are the mod unique resources that can be obtained from harvesting the corpses of or in some other way obtained from the Better Dinos.

Bio Oil - Obtained from harvesting the corpses of Basilosaurs. This Oil is also passively generated in the inventory of tamed Basilosaurs and is pooped out by all Tek Dinos except for Tek Mosas. It can be used in place of regular Oil for crafting (Dinos that produce this item can be used in the soul terminal for passive production and collection.).

Mammalian Milk - Obtained by milking female Deer, Sheep, and Phiomias through use of the radial menu. Must be force fed to dinos, but this is a nutritious baby food. Will continually increase a baby’s food at the rate of 10 per second for 120 seconds. After feeding a baby dino Milk, it will then only request Milk as its preferred comfort food. The exception is Wyverns who will still only ask for Wyvern Milk. Milk can be fed to all babies except Scorpions, Spiders, Reapers, Mantis’, and Moths. Feeding Mammal Milk to adult dinos gives them an instant 30 food. A player drinking Milk will receive a food and water increase over 30 seconds. Regardless of what is consuming the Milk, it always has a 2-minute cool down (Dinos that produce this item can be used in the soul terminal for passive production and collection.).

Spoiled Milk - Does the exact opposite of Mammal milk and drains food water and health (of players, not dinos), except when given to baby Crabs, Moths, Spiders, Reapers, Mantis’, or Scorpions in which case it will have the same effect as regular milk on other babies.

Scorpion Venom - This is an organic version of regular Narcotics and can be used for all the same purposes as regular Narcotics. The one difference is that it does have a spoiling time of 1 hour. It is passively generated in the inventory of the Better Scorpion, where it does have an extended spoiling time (Dinos that produce this item can be used in the soul terminal for passive production and collection.).

Raw High Protein Meat - Obtained from harvesting the corpses of Phiomias and Daeodons. This highly nutritious meat has rapid healing properties for carnivorous creatures, giving greater health and with less of a feeding cool down than regular Raw Meat. It is not a good taming food.

Raw High Protein Fish Meat - Obtained from harvesting the corpses of Sabertooth Salmon. This highly nutritious meat has rapid healing properties for piscivorous (Fish Eating) creatures, giving greater health and with less of a feeding cool down than regular Raw Fish Meat. It is not a good taming food.

Tough Hide - Obtained from Ankylosaurs, Rex's, Wyverns, Sarcos, and Megalodons. Tough Hide can be used in place of regular Hide, but is also the main crafting component of Valyrian Reins (A primitive set of Valarian Reins requires 100 Tough Hide.).


KBD offers a wide variety of new saddles and armor for dinos. Some of these dinos previously were unrideable, but with the KBD mod they can now be ridden! The mod also adds platform saddles to large dinos that did not have one before. You can make saddle extensions for platform saddles to increase their size.

  • Ape Armor

  • Diplodocus 3 Seater Saddle

  • Dilophosaurus Saddle

  • Direwolf Saddle

  • Enforcer Defense Shield (Saddle)

  • Karkinos Platform Saddle

  • Liopleurodon Saddle

  • Mammoth Platform Saddle

  • Pachyrhino 1 Seater Saddle

  • Purlovia Saddle

  • Roll Rat 'Starter' 3 Seater Saddle

  • Styracosaurus Saddle

  • Stygilomoch Saddle

  • Trike Platform Saddle

  • Tropeognathus Primitive Saddle


Other Items

Corrupted Costume - Can be worn by any dinos that have a corrupted form. Will retain the dinos original colors, Rock Drakes will retain their feathers. When worn the costume will gradually lose durability, keep Corrupted Nodules or Organic Polymer in the dinos inventory to prevent this, it will consume 1 Nodule/Polymer every two minutes.

Whilst wearing the Corrupted Costume, the targeting range of all wild Corrupted creatures is reduced to 1000 (about 3.3 foundations) and your dino will receive 20% less damage from wild corrupted dinos. Can be equipped to Crystal Wyverns.

Orb Of Staying Power -  It can be equipped on a dino either as a costume, or as a saddle skin. Either way, when it is equipped that dino will be completely immobilized (Basically the S+ Hitching Post but without all of the ropes)

Oil Barrel and Barrel o' Monkeys - Used as ammunition by Gigantopithicus in turret mode. Oil Barrel is a potent explosive, the Barrel o' Monkeys is a barrel of monkeys.

Wire Fish Basket - A stronger version of the vanilla wooden Fish Basket, with more health, and the damage settings of Wood instead of Thatch, making it less likely to be destroyed when basket taming aggressive creatures like Piranhas, Dragonflies, Jellies, or Euryps. Wire Fish Baskets will retain buffs of captured creatures, and when used for taming will give the tamed creature additional tamed levels. Filled fish baskets created by this basket have a 15-minute spoil timer.

Valyrian Reins - Can be equipped in a flying creature’s costume slot to give a variety of effects dependent on the creature they are equipped to. The primitive Engram is learnable at Level 50. Better  bps can be found in the death inventories of wild Wyverns of all types, and wild Rock Drakes on Aberration. Higher grade Reins will increase the armor value and the durability (Up to a maximum of 10 for durability.). Durability is an important stat for the Reins as a higher value will increase some of the effects. Armor value is removed if equipped on a flier that is capable of being equipped with a saddle (So full armor effect will only be seen on Wyverns and Griffins.).

The effects they have on flyers include the following:

  • Wyverns: Provides armor, extra stamina, increases its ridden speed, ridden rotation rate, (Both affected by the Rein’s durability.). Can be equipped on Crystal Wyverns.

  • Quetz: Receives increased ridden speed (affected by durability) and stamina boost.

  • Ptera: Receives extra stamina and a reduced cool down on their barrel roll attack.

  • Argents: Receives a speed boost (increased by durability) and enhanced Stamina.

  • Griffin: Receives extra stamina and the benefits of the armor as well as the ability to pick up larger than usual creatures (up to the same weight as the Argent used to be able to prior to the TLC pass) also an increased dive velocity.

  • Moth: Receives extra stamina and the ability to fly backwards. Riders can use Mounted weaponry.

  • Pelagornis: Stamina boost.

  • Tapejara: Stamina boost and Riders can use mounted weaponry.

  • Rock Drake: Increased attack speed, Increased Movement Speed and Rotation Rates (affected by durability).

  • Snow Owl: Stamina boost and increase to dive velocity.

  • Managarmr: Stamina Boost, increased Step Height, reduced base stamina usage for jumps and bursts, and the ability to use bite attack while swimming by using the C key. NEW: Reins now increase the Manas number of jumps and strafes by 1 extra per point of durability the Reins have. So, for eg. a Mana wearing Durability 6 Reins will be able to jump up to 9 times, and strafe up to 12 (dependent on stamina of course).

  • GasBags: Increased Gas/Oxygen Ratio and reduced Stamina usage for air control.

  • Tropeognathus: Unlike other flyers that can be equipped with a saddle, equipping Reins in the costume slot will also give you the additional armor (note that unlike other saddled flyers you cannot equip Reins onto a Tropeo saddle as a skin), doubles Stamina, improves rate of fire of the flak cannon, improving with higher durability, up to 2x faster firing with a set of durability 10.

Zombie Wyvern Costume - Will be dropped by Alpha Wyverns. Has the speed increase and rotational increasing effects of a set of Durability 7 Valyrian Reins. Does not provide armor but will provide a 10% damage resistance and increase buff. Will work on all vanilla and crystal Wyverns and will retain the coloration of the original Wyvern.


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