Friday Feature: In-Game Commands

Hello everyone,

Today’s Friday feature will go over the useful chat commands that players can utilize in-game. Many of these commands were created by one of our wonderful owners Xeakial and were made with our players in mind :D!

To use these commands all a player needs to do is open one of their chat windows in game (“enter” key = Global, “/” key = Tribe, “Insert” key = Local, “Home” key = Alliance.) and enter one of the following commands:

/suicide – Will instantly kill the player. Useful for if your character gets physically stuck or torpored out.

/find – Pulls up a list of all dinos you have out (Not in a soul ball or cryopod) on the map. You can specify the name of the dino you are looking for by adding the dino’s name at the end of the command (Ex: /find BerryKid). This is especially useful for if you have lost a dino on the map and have not yet placed an Awesome Tracker on it.

/death – Pulls up the coordinates for the last place you died on the map. Useful for if you died and are unable to pull/recover your body bag.

/showlimits – Brings up a list of the structure limits we have for that map and how many of those limited structures you have placed.

/claim – Used to claim your in-game points rewards for voting for our servers on Top Ark and ARK Servers.

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