General Rules

  • No racism, politics, or griefing of any kind.
  • Absolutely no use of offensive, sexist, or derogatory words towards other players.
  • Only trash talk in the 🚬│trash-talk channel on discord. Trash talking anywhere else (Other discord channels or in-game.) is not Tolerated.
  • No advertising other clusters.
  • No posting other people’s personal information.
  • Be respectful to Admins and Staff.
  • Accusations against our team will not be tolerated.
  • Do not impersonate staff members.

Discord Rules

  • No live streaming other games.
  • Do not post explicit content.
  • Meme bot = 💻│meme-game  Channel.
  • Music Bot = 🎹│song-requests  and music music │
  • Blocking Admins or Staff will result in a ban.
  • Player abuse against other players is not tolerated.
  • No private messaging other people from the discord unless permission was granted within our discord.
  • Do not private message or ping Owners or Staff. If you are experiencing an issue please create a ticket in the 🎫open-ticket  channel.
  • Follow along with Discord’s Terms of Service/Community Guidelines (i.e. No talk of illicit substances, no hate speeches, etc.).
  • No spamming voice or text channels.
  • Do not pull the bots into any channel other than their respective channels.

Ark In-game Rules

  • No hacking/abusing any game bugs and exploits or plugin/mod bugs and exploits.
  • Tribes intentionally causing server performance issues (lag, crashes, etc.) will be banned without warning.
  • When egg hunting, do not drop low level eggs that you do not want. You should eat them instead. Dropping the eggs prevents new ones from spawning.
  • Do not leave doors, boxes, or anything of that nature open.
  • Do not loot open boxes without their owner’s permission.
  • If players would like to have a “Free” box for other players. They must also include a sign beside the box saying “Free” and can only have the following items within the box:

                         * Blueprints that are of Ramshackle, Journeyman, or Apprentice quality.
                         * Stone tool of any tier.
                         * Structures that are stone tier or lower.
                         * Dinos that are both low leveled and spayed.
                         * Basic Saddles.
                         * Basic food/berries.
                         * Arrows
                         * Cloth armor of any tier.
                         * A couple hundred stone, thatch, ect.
                         * Basic utility items.

  • Do not place public teleporters within closed area bases (Don’t trap people with your teleporters.).
  • Do not leave dinos on wander or mating while you are offline. Dinos found breaking this rule will be destroyed without notice.
  • We will not assist in player corpse recovery if either: the death was not server side or the base you logged out in did not have wallsand a roof (It’s a good practice to sleep in a completely enclosed base on a bed for maximum safety.).
  • Dinos must be picked up after a boss fight, do not leave the dinos out at Obelisk, terminals, or in the open world! Please be respectful of other players and clean up after yourself.

Building Rules

  • Tribes may have 1 Main Base and 3 Outposts per map.
  • Do not build within render distance of another person’s base unless that person has given their approval.
  • Land claiming using pillars or foundations is not allowed.
  • Do not build near or on rich resource spawns, this prevents them from spawning. Anything blocking rich resource spawns will be destroyed with no warning.
  • Do not build on either the space bridges or the tunnels leading up to them on Genesis 2. Structures found breaking this rule will be destroyed immediately (The Space vents are fine for building in.).
  • Do not leave traps on the map unless they are directly beside your base. Any traps violating this rule will be deleted on site.
  • Do not spam RR trees when building, they can cause massive amounts of lag. Please try and limit them to the decoration of small gardens or just around your base.
  • Do not place public teleporters by themselves. They must be at a base or outpost and within 10 foundations of 10 structures.

Trading Rules

  • If selling/trading a mutated dino with 60 mutations or greater in any one stat, it must be spayed/neutered (This allows people to sell breedable color mutation dinos.). Additionally all gachas must be spayed/neutered prior to sale.
  • Do not give away mutated dinos for free (This hurts the economy. Sell or trade them instead.).
  • All stores must be run on the Mystic Isles Hub. To open a store on the Hub, please make a ticket and an Admin will assist you in setting it up.
  • Do not buy or sell items that are not already unlocked by the act of  progression to other or by other players. It is important to let them progress though the game. You can help them with boss fights or missions to obtain the unlocks if you please.

Rule Enforcement

  • False reports, especially ones that waste a significant amount of an Admin’s time, will lead to punishment for the reporting player.
    If the person responsible is unclear, the whole tribe will be punished for the individual’s actions.
  • Punishment for breaking rules is at the sole discretion of the Admins. We take into account what rule you broke, what your intent at the time was, and whether you have broken any rules before. If needed, the Owners will take control of any admin decisions.
  • Punishments can include warnings, reduction of damage/harvest multipliers for your tribe, character deletion, and dino/structure wipe.
  • If you have an issue with an Admin, please create a ticket in the 🎫open-ticket  channel and then request a different Admin or an Owner.