No racism.
No politics.
No advertising other clusters.
No griefing of any kind, we will not tolerate it.
No live streaming other games.
No Trash talking, unless you are in the chat specifically for it.
Do not post any players personal information in any channels, or in game whatsoever.
No spamming voice or text channels.
No explicit content anywhere in discord.
Be respecful to all staff and admins at all times.
Do not block any staff or you will be banned.
Please do not message the owner for any reason.
Thats why we have a channel dedicated for tickets.
If you have an issue with an admin please put in a ticket and request another admin or the owner.
Do not leave traps on the map unless they are directly beside your base. they will be deleted by an admin on site.
No pillars or foundations allowed for claiming land.
Do not drop wild eggs you find in nests that you do not want. Eat, or hatch them.

Any punishments will be put in the punishment channel.
Do not pull the meme bot into any other channel besides Fun And Games.
Do not try to pull music bots into any channel other than music.
Each map is allowed One main base, and Three outposts.
Punishment for breaking the rules is at the sole discretion of the Admins.
Punishments will differ based upon the rule you broke, your intent and if you have broken rules before. Owner will take control of any admin decisions if needed.
The whole tribe will be punished for an individual's actions when the person responsible is unclear.
Punishments can include warnings, reduction of damage/harvest for your tribe, character deletion, dino/structure wipe.
False reports, especially ones that waste significant admin time, will lead to punishment for the reporting player.
Tribes causing server performance issues (lag, crashes, etc) will be banned without warning.

No hacking or abusing any game bugs and exploits or plugin/mod bugs and exploits.
Accusations against our team will not be tolerated.
No impersonating team members.
Nothing against Discord Terms of Service or Community Guidelines (i.e. no talk of illicit substances, no hate speech, etc)