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Thank you for helping us keep everything running smoothly on Mystic Isles! Signing up for a Donation Package helps us maintain the server and helps you by giving you special perks like having extended protection for your hard work! With a monthly Donation package, you don’t have to worry about coming back every month to renew your donator status. If you decide the package is not for you, you can cancel at any time!

Make sure you link your discord to get your sub role. Use !link in discord for more information!

This package will get you the following:

1 Time Bonus

  • 20000 In game points (Thats 40000 In game points today with your monthly perk!)
  • 10000 Instant Tokens (Premium Shop)
  • Mystic Isles Color Level 224 Tek Stryder (*Random No Exchanges)
  • Unicorn & Witching Owl Chibi
  • 10x Dino Paint Brush

Monthly Perks

  • 20000 In game points
  • 4x Weekly Tier 3 Gen Crate (Must Login to receive, after you receive these items it will start a 1 week cool down from the date received)
  • 400 Tokens per day (Premium Shop Currency). You must log in to get these tokens and will not be able to claim them again for 24 hours after you receive them [9000 per month potential]
  • 4000 Tokens per week (Premium Shop Currency). You do not have to login to get these tokens they are automatically added to your account each week (Sunday 7:00AM).
  • More points added for time playing (100 points every 30 Minutes)
  • Decay extended to 75 days
  • VIP Discord Role
  • Access to exclusive content.

Costs: $100 p/mo

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